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Hey ccmc members


Had a good turnout Saturday for both the breakfast and the group ride.  When I showed up at the Oly, it was a total of twenty members present.  Out of the twenty, twelve decided to brave the cool temperatures and ride their M.C. ‘s.  Don the roadrunner had the route and the plan of the day. Following the breezster was:  Big Daryl, Tim, Paula, Mark the glide, Kim Gee, Mick, Ralph, Dave da goose, Jeff, Harold the coach and yours truly headed for a day to Morrow Mtn. Below the recap is a map that Ralph provided of our route.  Thanks Ralph, if I tried to put the route down we would have been going North to Virginia.  Everybody knows by now that my sense of direction is not close to being  perfect.  Anyway, we left the Oly with temp. climbing to the 32 degree mark with a high to reach mid forty’s . The good thing was that the sun was shining for a great travel day.  The Breeze soon had us riding clean air and  nice turns and curves.  Soon we were climbing Morrow Mtn. and stopping for a brief surveylance of the country side, actually access and use of the cabin restroom on the side of mountain. After a few pictures taken, we mounted up for  the lunch date. Riding the M.C’s makes the group hungry again, even though breakfast was 3 hours earlier.  We ended up at a quaint spot, the Badin Inn, that we have not attended in about one or two years.  The restaurant sits on a golf course, and we had a room that you could watch the golfers go thru their practice putting before the round.  That part of  the scenery was not for everyone.  We had our own waitress that handled the group very well , and the food was good.  After lunch we all mounted up, and of course I was the last one ready, but I was also the last one out of the restaurant, and by  the time I got to big barney, everybody else was mounted with helmets, jackets, gloves etc. , engines running,and had to wait for me to get situated, which is not easy. Moral of this story, wait for me to be first out the door, helmet on , jacket, etc. etc. and then everyone begin to get ready at that time.  Honestly, I try but it doesn’t work very well, and each year my New Year’s resolution believe it or not is getting my act together faster.  Well, that’s my story and I am sticking to it.  After we finally departed from the parking lot, the breezester headed out a different route.  Most of the group departed at I85 N. except for the breeze, ralph, mark and myself.  After really getting me lost at this point, Ralph decides to depart leaving the three of us. Pretty soon we were going thru towns like Midway, Wallburg, so on and so on. Nothing for me to do but to keep on trucking and follow the breeze.  I finally came across Union Cross rd. and I 40, which I immediately took a left and headed by myself back to Greensboro.  I want to thank the Breezester for a great ride. I think everyone enjoyed it from their response. Thanks for the tremendous turnout, and we had some good conversations and a few laughs.  Total miles clocked was around 187, but not everybody had that number of miles unless you followed the Breeze to wherever he was headed.  Once he is on the Vstrom it is on auto piolet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well that’s a wrap for this ride, so for this Saturday looks great, they are predicting temps in the sixties and sunshine.  Hopefully we will have a good turnout. I will show up with these weather conditions, hope I have company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                                                                                                              Mike and big Barney

Deal's Gap, "The Tail of the Dragon"

Part of our long weekend at the Honda Hoot 2006 was a ride up Deals Gap in southwestern North Carolina.  An added feature was a scoot down Cherohala Skyway.


We left the hotel with 9 bikes and 10 riders under a hazy sky and morning temperatures already in the high 70s destined to climb well into the 90s down in the flats.  We headed west a short distance on I-40 and then picked up I-140 across Fort Loudon LakeFort Loudon Lake is dammed up part of the Tennessee River that is navigable from Knoxville all the way to the Ohio River.  From there it was US-129 and US-321 to the north side of Smoky Mountain National Park and the Foothills Parkway.  Once at the entrance, we headed south and started to climb and the weather got cooler and the skies began to clear.  Deep woods, great vistas and steep drop-offs! 


After about 30 miles we again picked US-129 at Fontana Lake, headed east and there it was in front of us – The Tail of the Dragon.  Given this is a favorite place for bikers and the Hoot Weekend on top of that, we saw lots of bikes - some big, some small, some right side up, some not.  All of us were excited that we were finally going to this, but some probably said to themselves, “I can’t believe I’m going to do this!”  


The first mile or so along the lake is flat with great pavement, wide shoulders and sweeping curves.  Just as our confidence begins to build, we make an abrupt left up a grade and dive into the subdued light of the forest.  The engines begin to lug so its time to downshift.  Downshift again!  Downshift again!!  I‘m in second gear!  Press right!  Accelerate - no upshift, sharp lefthander coming!  Press left!  Harder!  HARDER!!!!!  Stay in your lane, crotch rocket coming toward you too wide!  Man, that was close! 


That describes the first two turns, there were 316 to go.


Under such conditions it is kind of interesting what you see in addition to controlling your bike.  What are all those scrape marks in the pavement about?  Is there some kind of disease that attacks the bark on the trees along the road?  Interesting skid mark patterns out there in the gravel.  I don’t want to know why there was a new section of guardrail in the left hander we just went through.


After eleven exhilarating miles we broke out into a clearing and found the gas station/restaurant/souvenir shop at the top of The Dragon.  There were hundreds of bikes and we had to park across the road.  Everybody made it through without problems.  This is probably due to our familiarity with hilly terrain on and around the Blue Ridge Parkway and a good dose of adult common sense.  There are sections of Route 8 that are as tough as The Dragon although maybe not as long.  After getting some drinks, souvenirs, photographic documentation and watching the ambulance haul off some guy with a good case of road rash, we headed further south for lunch and the Cherohala Skyway.


After a barbeque lunch made long by not-so-good service and a rainstorm, we were again on our way.  The Skyway is a series of big, sweeping turns, great views of the Smoky Mountains and elevations in excess of 5,000 feet.  After a good run of about an hour or so, we dropped into Tellico Plains for fuel and cool drinks.  From there, we headed north for Maryville, Alcoa and Knoxville.  One of our riders who lived in the area for a few years advised the proper pronunciation of those towns is Murrville, Alco and Nuxville.


Heavy rainstorms were in the area but we were lucky and only hit some very light drizzles on the run into Knoxville.  We logged about 220 miles and hundreds of smiles.


It was a great day to be on a bike and enjoy a memorable ride.        Heino

Saturday, April 15th Ride to Tuggles Gap, VA

Riders met at Sedgemoor Cafe this morning for chow and chatter.
Now it's time to get on the road.  We left Sedgemoor's at 10 with Don Breese on the lead and me on the sweep.  We've decided to head for Tuggle's Gap for lunch via Stuart, VA.
Don does not disappoint us with a route.  He leads us up NC-68 and US-220 and to NC-770.  After some tours over back roads only the  the Breesemeister knows we wind up in Virginia where we spend most of our riding time on VA-631 and on into Stuart.  There , we make a brief pit and refresh stop and then it's off up VA-8 to the Gap.
Carlton O'Roak and myself leave the group in Stuart and head back home.  You can be sure, however, that the food was good and the route home equaled or exceeded the ride North.  Just about the time you think Don can't better himself on a route, he does it.  Great job Don!!!!
On the return down VA/NC-8, Carlton peeled off on NC-704 and heads back to Greensboro and I head back into Winton-Salem.  All went well and the ride today was most enjoyable.
By golly, we'll have to try it again next week.  Stay tuned for details, coming soon to a computer near you!
George Lee
Lead Road Captain

9th Annual New Years Day ride to the Blue Ribbon Diner (BRD)

The 9th annual New years Day ride was just short of perfect.

National Weather Forecast for New Year’s Day was for a high of 53 degrees. Guess what, they were right!We met at the gas station across from Shoney’s near NC68 and I40 at 9:45 AM to leave at 10:00 AM.  Then, we road to Lake Brandt Rd at NC150 to meet Don Bennett and the group from the North side of the Triad. From there Don led us over back roads to the Blue Ribbon Diner with 22 members and guest. As with the past 8 years, the Diner is open for New Year’s Day. The worker bees at the BRD make sure our visit is  good one and they have NOT disapointed us yet!

After lunch, we split up. Half the group headed South down NC 49 and made a loop back to the Triad. The rest of the group took their time going back home but with all holidays there is plenty to do around the home. We ALL look forward to 1/1/2007 and our 10th annual New Years ride to the Blue Ribbon Diner. See the pictures in the photo album!

Have fun and Ride Safe, from the members of CCMC 





January 28, Ride To Rockwell, NC

The weather for Saturday's ride was great.  A little chilly at the start but certainly not uncomfortable.
About 10 of us met at Sedgemore Cafe but only 8 of us rode.  We headed out with me on the lead and Heino on the sweep shortly after 10 following the Nascar GOE route south past the Volvo plant to NC-68 over back roads to NC-109 and Old Greensboro Rd to Biz-85.  We peeled off at Linwood road towards Southmount with a rest stop at Smiley's Convenience Store.  After a 10 minute pause to warm the toes and to refresh ourselves we travel down to NC-8 the Healing Springs and across the back roads to US-52 at Gold Hill.  From there we went North to Rockwell and Darryl's BBQ and Sea Food restaurant.
A group of us went there last summer after the GOE rally and were favorably impressed to return.  Darryl's is small but cozy.  We arrived just before the lunch rush but still had to sit in small groups throughout the eatery.  If you enjoy Nascar models, the restaurant has die cast cars and trucks decorated for every race car and van.  Hundreds of them!  The food was good and service was friendly and quick.
After the feed we mount our steeds with temperatures now nearing 60° and continue on US-52 North into Salisbury.  Heino heads home on I-85 while the rest of us continue to US-601 to NC-801.  We stop at a gas station where I-40 and 801 cross for another quick pit stop.  From there Don Breese takes the lead with me on the sweep since I'll peel off in Winston.  The rest head back toward the Greensboro area and I onto Biz-40 and home.
Everyone enjoyed the ride, the warm weather and we look forward to another Saturday, another ride and another culinary adventure.
George Lee
Lead Road Captain

  See the pictures in the Photo Album.

Tour to Tanglewood MS Society Charity Bicycle Run. 10-24 & 25

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Once again, with your invaluable assistance, the M/S Society has dodged another bullet, and put the 2005 Tour to Tanglewood behind us.  When I know the final numbers (both in funds raised, and participants), I will send out an email so that you will know what was accomplished.  I would estimate the total numbers of participants to be well over 1300, but I won’t hazard a guess as to the amount of money raised.

 I only got to see a few of you during the course of the weekend, but I wanted everyone to know how much I, as well as the participants of the event, appreciated your taking the time (and gas) to assist them this weekend.

 Please be on the lookout for an invitation to participate in next years event which will probably be held around the same time of the month.


Jack Snead

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